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{February 29, 2008}   I finally gave in…

I bought a 360 today along with Dead Rising, Halo 3, and Tony Hawk. I’ve never had an Xbox before, so I guess I’m gonna have to go around and buy some old games for cheap. Anyways, I decided to finally buy one because I’ve been playing Halo against my coworkers when I go over my friend’s house.

So far, so good. I haven’t got a RROD. (hah!)

I love how your friends’ status comes up when they sign on and stuff. It’s the little things like that that made me want to get this.

More on this later… I have zombies to kill…


{December 10, 2007}   Word of the Year: Intuitive

I was watching one of those “I’m a Mac” commercials recently, and I heard Mister Mac himself say the word “intuitive.” When the Wii came out last year,’s Matt Casamassina described the controls in the E3 video review of Super Mario Galaxy as “intuitive.”

It seems that this past year (and a half), if a company wanted to produce a hit product, they would have to make it “intuitive.” Intuition, the core of intuitive, means: direct or immediate insight. But, in all honesty, how intuitive are the things people have been calling “intuitive?” Let’s start with the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii can honestly be called the more intuitive product out of the two due to its controls. How many people know how to work a remote? Almost all. Although punching buttons on a remote has not been a part of human intuition from the start of our existence, it has become a part of the collective knowledge of the 20th century and beyond. (Think phones, stoves, toilets.. anything technological that you knew how to use even as a child that a cave man wouldn’t…) A Wii controller is an aesthetically pleasing television remote with a D-pad. Nothing more than that. When it comes to the games, some are definitely intuitive. Wii Sports is a collection of said intuitiveness. You may have to press a button or two, but you really throw the bowling ball and baseball, swing the bat and tennis racket, and punch your brother in the face.

However, an Apple computer, is not intuitive. If someone who had never seen a Mac before came up to it, and tried to play with it, they’d end up hurting either themselves or the computer (have you seen Zoolander?). Yes, it may be easier to take a picture with it’s built in camera, but to be truly intuitive, there’d have to be a camera peripheral that points and shoots like a real camera. Or, if you consider what Mac actually says during the commercial, “simple and intuitive, that works the way they do,” you’d have to have a crapping baby doll that will sync your favorite music to your iPod. Or iPoop. It doesn’t make a difference.

I don’t hate Mac. In fact, my first computers at school were Macs until I hit 5th grade. Apparently after that, crappy Dells were cheaper to come by than the cool looking Macs. In 11th grade, however, I had to relearn Mac OS because that’s what we wrote our high school newspaper on. All the problems stemmed from having to use Adobe Pagemaker on Macs, while using MS Word to type up our stories. I’ve never got the Beach Ball of Death so much in my life. (More than the BSOD on the Dells, so go figure). Macs just aren’t as intuitive as they want to be, and with so many people used to the Windows format, the Mac OS will not catch on.

But, regardless of my opinion on the intuitiveness of different things (and why I still have Windows XP on my computer), the real question is: why does everything now have to be “intuitive?” Are people’s IQ’s going down the drain so fast that they can’t comprehend tasks that require reading, practice, or trial and error? Actually, don’t answer that, it’s true. Intuitiveness = made for the impatient/lazy/stupid people of this world.

{November 16, 2007}   Super Mario Galaxy!

Wednesday, in between studying for Organic Chemistry and working, I bought Super Mario Galaxy. I didn’t get a chance to play it until today, and let me say that it is really awesome!

As soon as I complete more of the game, I’ll write a review. Sorry for not posting more, but school/work/life are all making me so busy.

{August 30, 2007}   Ben Heck does it again!

Mister Ben Heck, the undisputed King of Hacking gaming consoles, has done it again. He took two of the best systems, NES and Atari, and fused them into the portable NEStari. Follow the link for more details.

NEStari Portable- BenHeck.comĀ 

I love the Nintendo Wii. I will admit that I’m being sort of a fan-girl here, but, I just love the system. However, I really hate the lack of good games right now. There are only so many times your boyfriend can beat you at Wii Bowling before you want to kick the system across the room. Now, that being said, I have compiled a list of the top 10 Wii games that I am looking forward to.

10. Wii Music: Nintendo is one of the only companies that really knows how to make a first-party game. That, or other companies haven’t put their full trust into the Wii format. This game looks geeky fun. A perfect one for all the conductors in marching band. Since the game isn’t close to production here, hopefully they’ll add on a whole bunch of extra games, like Guitar Hero for the Wii, or something like what Miracle Piano used to be.

9. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams: Now, I never played the original on Sega Saturn. My parents never let me have a Saturn. Said I had too many gaming systems (we know that can never be true). However, I have to say that with being a Nintendo fan-girl, I used to be a Sega fan-girl. Once Dreamcast died, I still supported the games Sega made. Sonic being the exception, of course. This game just seems full of promise. The lead character looks like a mix between a harlequin and Rayman. If this game can help bring back Sega to days of glory, I’d be so happy. Therefore, I’m putting my trust into this game.

8. Wii Fit: Yes, I know, another Wii-branded game. Okay, so this game sounds absolutely ridiculous. You stand on a balance board and do exercises. Maybe some push ups, maybe some yoga. But to me, it’s just some awesome music away from being the next Dance Dance Revolution. Plus, how many American kids know how to do yoga? I’m all for anything that makes you get up and do something different, instead of sitting on your butt trying to save the princess all day. This is also just like Brain Age, which I was madly addicted to.

7. The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night: I truly added this one to the list because it’s coming out on the PS2, DS and Wii, and my PS2 doesn’t like reading discs anymore. Either way, who doesn’t like the action/platformer Spyro? I used to play the first Spyro games every day for hours on end, never quite finding all the gems. I used to beg my cousin to help me. She’s 30 now, if that gives you any clue. Hell, my mom used to play this game, and the only games she really likes are Super Mario Bros. 3, Urban Strike and Qbert. I am quite curious as how they’re going to pull the game off with the Wiimote.

6. Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon: Toki Wasure No Meikyuu: As much as I am a Nintendo/Sega fan-girl, I also love everything Squaresoft (a.k.a. Square, a.k.a. Squareenix), and Chocobos are the most Square you can get. Instead of just being a summon/enemy/form of transportation, you get to be one of the yellow birds that say “kweh” a lot. I haven’t been able to play the other Chocobo’s Dungeon games, so I don’t know how this one will be compared to the old, or if the RPG elements added into this game are just part of the series, however, I am excited. It doesn’t have a concrete Japan release date, however, it has been shown that there will be job elements included into the game, like some of the Final Fantasy games I adore. The trailers for it (in Japanese) show a Chrono Trigger-esque style of fighting where you see your opponents before you battle, and you engage them in battle right on the current screen, instead of jumping into a specialized battlefield. I like it.

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