The Girl Geek

{December 13, 2007}   Working is Fun!

So I must preface this post with the fact that it’s mostly for my coworkers. I started drawing these little bitch, bitch, bitchstick figure comic guys alongside my fellow concessionist when we worked together at a movie theatre. We used to draw forms of our coworkers, our customers, and anything else that popped into our heads. (She really loved giraffes and their nubs). The other day, I caught myself at my new job standing next to my one coworker who looked like she wanted to *headdesk* due to a customer she had to call who decided to complain about everything. I drew her a rendition of this to cheer her up:

And, yes, all he did was bitch. He was one of the most rude customers we’ve had to deal with multiple times. And by “we,” I mean the whole department.

But tonight, I was talking to one of my other coworkers online, and he sent me some comics from If you’ve never seen it, it’s a stick figure geek that does geeky things. I described to him what I used to do at the movie theatre, so we were both inspired to make a comic strip each. So, here’s mine:

The Tale of the Girl Geek

Yes, my coworker has most of his upper body in the CPU in the last frame. It’s only making fun of the first person the girl geek talks to, and the other people are an exaggerated form of three of my coworkers. Some of these things happen on a regular basis. Especially the grumbling, bitching customers. That will never stop. And I love my coworkers for the most part, so be on the lookout for more of these comics from either me or my coworkers in the near future.

**Edit: My coworker just informed me that the line about my questions never being quick was in Dilbert sometime in the past few weeks. My other coworker seriously said that to me, so nyah.


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