The Girl Geek

{September 23, 2007}   Halloween/Youmacon

I am very saddened by the fact that this year, I have no little kids to take around trick-or-treating. My little cousin is going to her friend’s house on Halloween and my brother’s too old to take. However, Youmacon is the weekend after it, so I’m considering hitting it up instead. This will be my first ever anime convention, and even though it is mini compared to all the others, I want to see what conventions are all about. That, and I want to dress up.

For my first costume that is almost complete, is that of Hermione Granger. Now, it may sound silly for me to dress up as a Harry Potter character, but she is the epitome of me. I am only a year older than her, I look similar to her, I am a geek like her, and she gets Ron. So, after much digging through a Value World, I have the following:

  • A black, pleated skirt that needs a new waistband.
  • A dark gray v-neck sweater that just needs the red/gold trim added.
  • A white, collared undershirt.
  • A red knitted tie that just needs the gold lines added.
  • A pair of black mary janes.
  • An old cloak costume that just needs to be cut through the middle and the sides ended.

The last two things are stuff I had around the house. I need a pair of black tights, a wand, the infamous scarf, and to make the aforementioned fixes to the items I bought. All in all, I’ll probably have her costume for less than $20. Maybe a little bit more if I have to splurge on anything.

For my second costume, I have a few ideas. I could be one of the Organization XIII characters from Kingdom Hearts II by just taking the cloak and adding a giant zipper to it. Wear a black shirt, black pants, my black boots, and some black gloves, and I’d be all set. Oh, and maybe a wig. I may crossplay as Axel or one of the other guys because the only chick in the whole group looks manly. This would be really cool if my brother would play as Sora. Not just normal Sora, but the Anti-Sora. I saw some informative pieces from the cosplaywiki about how to make his shoes. (I have to go to Halloween USA in a moment for that, anyways).

My other choice, if I do not pursue either Hermione or Org XIII, is to become Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin. She’s just freakin’ awesome. I fell in love with the show when I watched the first episode, and although I haven’t seen it in a few years, I’m still looking forward to cosplaying her. As I said about Hermione, I have the same hair color/length as both Hermione and Robin. Now, it may sound odd since they have clearly two different color hair, but I have this odd strawberry-sandy-blonde-light-brown color going on. I will try to pull it off. The only problem with Robin is that I’ll definitely have to do a lot of sewing. I also bought a long black skirt that fits me awesome, and then I realized that she has a short black skirt/shirt on top of a long, gray, long-sleeved dress. So, I suppose I may have to think of something else.

That being said, I’m off to go get a pair of clown shoes, black tights, and a new knifty knitter.


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