The Girl Geek

{September 16, 2007}   Hugh Laurie and House will always get an Emmy in my book…

In my humble geek opinion, House and the man behind the misanthrope have both been collectively shut out this year at the Emmys. I fully expected watching the show and seeing Hugh Laurie take Lead Actor and House take Best Drama. Although I only learned of the awesomeness that is House half-way through the second season, I’ve adopted it as my own. That being said, I’m proud of the genius writers, directors, crew, cast, and House himself. I’m proud of all the wins they had at the Creative Emmys, SAG awards, and Golden Globes this past year, and all the ones previous. However, I’m sad that they can’t seem to get a break in the big time. It’s hard watching some sub-par shows get all the attention while the true masterpieces (including House) are overlooked.

I’m not mad because the Sopranos got their final win. That really didn’t matter because they’re done. They ran out their season, and although I’m just now catching the cut down episodes on A&E, I believe that they deserved to win. That being said, why the hell would they give the win to James Spader? Give it to James Gandolfini. Give it to Hugh Laurie. Give it to the other nominees. I hate James Spader the actor. Maybe because of what he did to Duckie and Andie in Pretty in Pink.

Either way, I’m still going to be watching the season premiere intently on 9/25, and taping the subsequent episodes while I’m at school. Then watching them as soon as I get home.


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