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{September 12, 2007}   Dear PC World (UK): Linux won’t break a laptop!

Sorry for the hiatus; school started. Anywho, I was browsing Slashdot like I always do, and I came upon a story of pure idiocy. To give you the summary, Tikka bought a laptop at PC World (a BestBuy/CircuitCity type of store in the UK) about 4 or 5 months ago. Just recently he found out that his laptop has started to crack at the hinge. To those who don’t know, it’ll eventually brick the computer. Either way, he tried to take it back, and the manager refused the repair… Because he installed Linux on it. Here’s the article.

First of all, the manager says he can refuse repairs based on software installed. This isn’t a software issue. This is a hardware issue. Better yet, it’s technically not hardware but a casing issue. Linux will not break the casing! Hell, Windows would if it could grow arms since it tends to break everything else on our computers. Secondly, it’s not if MS would even care, if that’s what the manager was thinking. MS was happy when the computer was purchased (or manufactured?) because that’s when Vista was installed. They could careless if Linux is ultimately used since you already paid for Vista.

This would be as if I bought a car at a dealership. A few months later (still under warranty), the engine is crapping out. If I took it back there for repairs, and they decide to refuse the repair because I installed a new CD player, I’d be calling both the maker of the car, the media, and everyone else I know.

All this is is a manager who uses his “power” to make people miserable because he’s miserable himself. That, or he’s a MS fanboy. I emailed Tikka, telling him to bring it up with the manufacturer and/or Those two may help him get his laptop fixed or replaced. But what do I know? I still use Windows. (Shame, I know.)

Edit: First of all, I’m sorry I assumed Tikka was a girl. It’s a habit. Though people may suppose I’m a guy with the nickname of Vagrant Ed. (If anyone knows Cowboy Bebop, they’ll know how I got my name). Also, there is an update with the fact that the manager refused because they couldn’t bring the laptop back to its original configuration. A big ‘ol WTF is deserved there. So, this has nothing to do with the outside damage, just the original software. WTF. WTF. WTF.


aegis79 says:

That’s the first real smile I’ve had all day.

I bought a gateway back when the T-birds were first coming out. I didn’t trust my heat management skills and they were known for pulling a china-syndrome like stunt if you didn’t know what you were doing.

Good thing I did.

The fan on the power supply went out. . . They couldn’t help me until I put Windows ME back on it.

I spent 20 minutes explaining to the ass-cert that ME (although CRAP) will not cause heat issues.

vagranted says:

Like I was telling Tikka, my friend’s Dell crapped out on her, except it died fully. Because they didn’t know if it could be restored to the original config, they refused to fix it.

Although my computer gets hot, and it has died from time to time while playing WoW or Diablo on my lap (I am an idiot sometimes), I still love my little Toshiba. In fact, it’s the only computer company that you haven’t heard it was blown up from Sony-batteries or had a hinge problem.

Btw, happy to bring a smile.

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